Selected Research

  • Dalian Exchange Commodity Research Project 

  • Conducted the pilot study of Corn Option listing on Chinese Market

  • Applied quantitative analysis such as multiple fine-tuned regression models to analyze the necessity, feasibility, and significance of corn option listing.

  • Produced corn option listing reports guiding Chinese Corn Option market.

  • Media Coverage: Reuters News   DCE News


06/2017 - 08/2017          Principle Investigator

  • Bachelor thesis research to examine the active role of children in influencing family tourism decisions and explores their perspectives on family tourism experiences.

  • Applied a modified form of photo-elicitation interviews as the key research method in order to collect the survey information from children.

  • Received Outstanding Bachelor Thesis Award from Zhejiang University(1st place undergrad research award)

  • Extended research has been accepted by Tourism Management Perspectives as a full research paper (IF=1.799, SJR Rank Q1). (Full Paper


02/2016 - 02/2017          Independent Research

  • Exchange program research, hosted by Hongkong University and Hongkong Polytechnic University 

  • Analyzed undergraduate study tour on the basis of perceived value and from the two dimensions of “perceived benefits” and “perceived sacrifices”.

  • Received media coverage by exchange program’s official website.


08/2015 - 11/2015          Principle Investigator

  • Student Research Training Program (Principle Investigator & Researcher Manager); Sponsored by Research Grant from Zhejiang University.

  • Explored how study tour programs could affect students’ self-identity, and based on the findings, making suggestions to current study tour markets


03/2014 - 05/2015          Research Manager & Principle Investigator


  • Wu, M.-Y., Zu, Yujie., Wall, G., & Ying, T.  "Chinese Children’s Family Tourism Experiences", Tourism Management Perspectives, 2018. (Accepted as Full Paper, Impact Factor =1.79, SJR rank Q1 ).  [link]


Paper Abstract: "The role of children in family tourism has been recognized increasingly. However, their travel experiences are under-researched. This is the first study that focuses on children’s views of family tourism in the world’s most populous country, China. It explores Chinese children’s views on family tourism experiences. More than one hundred (139) children aged 8-11 from three schools in a coastal Chinese city participated in the research by drawing pictures and sharing stories with the researchers. The results suggest that Chinese children, at least in these schools, have extensive travel experiences and a clear idea of what constitutes a memorable family tourism experience. Such experiences usually occur with their nuclear family and are centered upon family togetherness and physical activities. Animal encounters, tasting local food, and appreciation of natural and built environments also matter. As future tourists, their views offer implications for destinations interested in attracting more Chinese tourists." 


Key Words: Family tourism, tourism experiences, Chinese children, photo-elicitation interviews. 

  • Zu, Yujie. "Family Tourism Experiences from the Children's Perspective",  Zhejiang University Bachelor Thesis. 2016. (Outstanding Bachelor Thesis, 1st place undergrad research award) 

Paper Abstract: "Family tourism refers to the travel, leisure, vacation and other tourism activities with the family together. Nowadays, with the increase in disposable income, leisure time assurance, changing attitudes towards tourism, family tourism is getting popular. Under this scenario, this study focuses on China’s family tourism, paying particular attention to the voices of children, especially their memorable family tourism experience. Specifically, from the perspective of the children, this article uses photo-elicitation interviews to elicit views from 134 primary students in three representative and different elementary schools in Hangzhou (eg Xuejun Primary School, Jayanthi Primary School, Jingdu experimental Primary School). It aims to explore the factors of memorable family tourism experience under the children’s perspective. The results of the research have crucial importance to the development of academic research on family tourism and tourism industry." 


Key Words: memorable family tourism experience, children’s perspective, Drawing, primary students in Hangzhou. 


Professional History

Ernst & Young


- Present

  • Participated in China Resources Land and Zhongsheng Holding Group Auditing Project. Assisted the auditing team to complete checking of accounting vouchers, check relevant project contracts and in charge of walkthrough testing and testing of controls about the internal control. Communicated with customers for relevant auditing information and helped to understand relevant business processes.

RiZing Economics Organization



  • Evaluated the market position and strategic goal; completed market survey and business development reports.

  • Participated in organizing "2018 Conference of Technology and Future Economy", chiefly in charge of editing email marketing campaign to speakers and media, organizing volunteers and front desk activities; Participated in website visualization design and online advertisement

Dalian Commodity Exchange



  • Extracted data from Wind System and analyzed market condition of corn future and the factors affecting the market price and demand of corn; discussed the necessity, feasibility, and significance of corn option listing.

  • Developed multiple regressions to study soybean meal option market via STATA and EVIEWS.

  • Participated in establishing core trading system in a defined strategy to promote contract innovation in China

Hilton Hotel


- 09/2015

  • Communicated between guests and service departments to solve problems in high efficiency and quality

  •  Tracked and recorded personal preference of hotel regulars and main VIP and provided personalized service.

  • Assisted multiple hotel departments to keep room information organized and up to date in order to generate sales of unoccupied rooms



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