To Do List for Year 2018 - TDL18

January 2, 2018

Academic Research:


  • [PP] Publish the human stratification work on high profile journal, target Nature Methods, other options: Genome Research, Nature Communication, at least Bioinformatics.


  • [PP] Add DeeZ into current Secure Variant Call project, support SDK 1.9's I/O, publish this work on top journals, target Genome Research, at least Bioinformatics.


  • [PP] Publish Sweeping Based eigenpair approximation project to tier 1 conference, now target VLDB 2018, other options include STOC, KDD.


  • [FP] Finalize the work for secure evaluate similarity of genome sequence within blackbox environment. Complete coding before Feb. 15th and finalize manuscript draft before Feb 15th.


  • [EC] Use hybrid model, HME+SGX model to modify current Lanczos based eigen-pair approximation, extend model to secure spectral clustering, community detection and human population stratification with 2nd level population partition. Submit manuscript before summer 2018.


  • [EC]. Extend the SecureLR project to support secure neural network private training and privacy-preserving inference. Shall combine secure dimension reduction algorithm within the extend framework. Shall support multi-processing boosting techniques. Submit manuscript before end of 2018.


  • Start a new topic for year 2018, topics includes.



PP: Paper Publishing     FP: Finalize in Progress Work   EC: Extend Current Works


Summary: 3 in progress works plan to publish in 2018. extend work should be submitted in year 2018. 1 in progress work should be finalized. Start 1 new research topic in year 2018.

Investment & Trading:


  • Bitcoin investment need to be leaned through year 2018, even though year 2017 made 479% profit over bitcoin investment. More concentration should focus on block-chain related innovative applications, not the uniform currency. In year 2018, find out a nice PE or ETF which has good allocation on block-chain investments. If there is no one, just wait, there must be one very soon.


  • The stock investments should be less aggressive in year 2018. Use short term options frequently to make hedge trading strategies. Be confident with top-notch technical companies such as FB, GOOG, BABA. The acceptable P/E for those stocks are 70.


  • The major long term investment didn't change a lot in year 2017, keep PE, be aware about BABA's long term investment. Q1 and Q2 report for BABA is critical, do not concentrate on revenue growth, margin gross and profit increment. Be aware of revenue component change in Q1 and Q2 report. One last word: 相信马云!


  • Keep look at Chinese AI and Deep Learning market, the short time is coming soon. Should find new financial tools to short directly on pre IPO AI and Deep Learning tools. Keep one word in heart : There must be a lot of bubbles behind each rapid growth, but the key is how to find them before the market changes.


  • Current investment portfolio is too volatile for year 2017. This portfolio need to be adjusted to have more wise investment allocation, should focus on risk free returns and sharp ratio for current portfolio.


  • Save money.

Summary: Try to save more money and be less aggressive on trading strategies, only trade on familiar patterns and situations.


  • Break my Freediving record hit at 2016

  • Scuba Diving Tour at East Coast

  • Schedule my first Cave Diving

  • Come up with plan for 1 year leave of absence to join Le Cordon Bleu for advanced small plate training. (should not let my boss see this).

  • Take a travel to Australia, a South Australian Winery tour.

  • Have a Chongqing style hot pot.

  • Make a Chongqing style hot pot at home and host friends.

  • Have an Omakase with my parents.

  • Have an Omakase with my boss.

  • Have an Omakase with my friend.

  • Have an Omakase along. (Feel terrible in such case).

  • Host a private kitchen event for my parents.

  • Host a private kitchen event for my friends.

  • Host a wine tasting party.

  • Go to MoMa SF, for the one supports me a lot.

  • Get a Rangefinder camera, Leica Q could be the best choice.

  • I want to play basketball like before!!!!!!!!!!!




Biography for Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO and co-founder of Quanergy System. And tech review for LiDAR products provided by Quanergy System. (DeepTech Tech Review)


Tech report for AIlluminati Inc., detailed tech review over AIlluminati's tap-out ASIC design and current FPGA demo. Biography writing for it's founder and president Dr. Yanzhi Wang and their development team leader Caiwen Ding. (DeepTech Tech Review)


Training and make my body fat rate reduced back to 18%. The day I completed the challenge I will take 10K calories challenge in one meal! Ring the bell. 


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