Two Big Shots are Comming

December 21, 2017


  • Bitcoin's price has surged over the past few months, however, Bitcoin's big shot is coming, note that I am only claim the big shot opportunity for bitcoin, not block-chain techniques and some related technical de-centralization applications.


  • Chines AI startups early stage investment is more than terrible, too many cheating in this stages, most of the marginal  companies which claims AI+X concepts are intrinsically not related to AI. TMT related PE investment in some cases are too aggressive in China. However, making profit from shots towards Chinese market is way difficult.



  • Bitcoin's price has exploded these weeks certain warning signs are beginning to be delivered. The price in June is around $3600/coin while currently they reaches almost $16000/coin(12/20/2017).


  • As the price in Bitcoin has boosted up seemingly exponentially in the past few months, many retail investors appear to be using cheap credit(some are even bad credit) to purchase expensive Bitcoin. More credits emerges in current bitcoin market will increases the risk level


  • Bitcoin is an innovative outcomes of block chain technique which aims at de-centralization activities, however such technique products has proven records in China which indicate such product might raise a new type of defraud. However, some Asian's government such as South Korea are beginning to express genuine concern about the escalating "Bitcoin Mania." 


  • Futures trading offers many favorable aspects for Bitcoin long-term; however, one big negative short-term implication is that Bitcoin can now be shorted on a mass scale.


  • Advise for myself: Keep investment on block-chain technique but not bitcoin, the former one is future technique while the later one is currently overrated.

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