Invited Talks

Private Proof-of-Stake Blockchains using Differentially Private Stake Distortion
Crypto Economics Security Conference at UC Berkeley, Nov. 2022

Architecting Outsourcing Growing Databases by Leveraging Cryptographic Primitives and Differential Privacy
Alibaba DAMO Academy, Jul. 2022

IncShrink: Architecting Efficient Outsourced Databases using Incremental MPC and Differential Privacy
ACM SIGMOD Conference, Jun. 2022

Efficient Proofs for Differentially-Private Queries
Visa Research, Aug. 2021

DP-Sync: Hiding Update Patterns in Secure Outsourced Databases with Differential Privacy
ACM SIGMOD Conference, Jun. 2021

Secure Federated Learning for distributed EHR Dataset via TEE
West China Hospital, Aug. 2019

Secure Computing Tools for Private Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)
Nebula Genomics Inc., Aug. 201