We are actively seeking self-motivated students to join our team starting in Fall 2023. Multiple fully funded Ph.D. RA positions are up for grabs in our group. Discover more about our impactful work here.

Key qualities I expect my prospective students:

  1. Strong self-motivation, responsible, and reliable (most important).
  2. Enthusiasm for building secure computing systems that harness the synergy of crypto, differential privacy, and trusted hardware.
  3. Proficiency in programming.
  4. Good foundation in mathematics.

Desirable, but not essential:

  1. Backgrounds in crypto, DP, MPC, or trusted hardware. (Though, I began my Ph.D. without any knowledge of these.)
  2. Experience in real system design and implementation.

Prospective students are encouraged to send their CVs, along with a short self-introduction and any pertinent materials, to Chenghong at cw166 @ iu.edu Please include [Prospective Ph.D. Student] in the tile of your email.

Though at the moment, I am actively recruiting new Ph.D. students. If you’re an M.S. student, undergraduate, or an already admitted Ph.D. student at IU and would like to work with me. Feel free to email me or visit my office for a chat.

About IU Security & Privacy:

IU Security & Privacy proudly stands 10th among all universities in the U.S. and 13th globally, as ranked by CSRanking.