• PyElGamal. A python package for ElGamal cryptosystem for both additive and multiplicative homomorphism based on the secp256r1 elliptic curve group and the RFC 3526 group.

  • PASNet (non-fpga). Implementation of PASNet algorithm (without fpga accerlation), with evaluation code on PASNet-A (ResNet18 as backbone), PASNet-B and PASNet-C (ResNet50 as backbone), PASNet-D (MobileNetV2 as backbone) on imagenet.

  • IncShrink. A secure outsourced database framework for dynamically growing data that supports private materializations and view-based query answering.

    We’re currently reforging IncShrink with TF Encrypted. The official release is coming soon.

  • Crypt-epsilon. Crypto-Assisted Differential Privacy on Untrusted Servers.

  • peaklib The python library for k-peak decomposition and mountain plot visualization.